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Bathroom Flooring Ideas Material

Bathroom Flooring Ideas Material

There are some materials that are recommended for bathroom flooring ideas. If you want to have the best material for bathroom floor, you need to know them one by one, their advantages and disadvantages, and then you choose based on your need and life style. They are vinyl, tile, wood, and cork.

Bathroom Flooring Ideas Choices

If you choose vinyl for flooring your bathroom, it is one of the most budget friendly choices. It is waterproof, easy to clean, and stain-proof, too. A felt of foam backing can make this material softer than wood or tile. If you choose tile for your bathroom flooring ideas, it has advantage on the classical look that is durable. Besides, it looks clean. It is also waterproof, but it is identical with fall accident in a wet bathroom.

The next is laminate or wood material. It promises you classical look and a warm nuance in the bathroom while bathing. There is engineered wood that you can choose. It is made of real wood veneer which is backed by plywood. It resists humidity better compared solid wood, and it is very good in a damp space. The last is cork. What is it? You might be not very familiar with this material. It is material made of bark. It’s great for environment. The advantage is that it resists to mildew and mold. It is water resistant, too. Well, this kind of material for bathroom flooring ideas is the good choice.

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